About Us


We have been taking bikers by the hand for almost forty years enabling them to ride safely and enjoyably. Ever since 1977, when we began producing technical motorcycle gloves with the meticulous artisanal care that until then was reserved exclusively for luxury leather goods. We did not simply manufacture accessories of excellent quality, but also strove to create a sort of second skin able to protect the wearer in a natural and above all imperceptible manner. With no compromise in terms of comfort and sensitivity. The same philosophy persisted when in 1989 we enlarged our range, which now includes everything an active biker should wear while riding. Both on the track or on a hairpin turn, in town or through the mountains. With total freedom of movement and, first and foremost, with no compromise in terms of safety.  



Far from being identified as a simple protective accessory, our motorcycle glove is a real catalyst of sensations and emotions able to highlight the wearers precise movements and commands. It is an essential element for the rider who wants to push his skills to the maximum while maintaining control. But also for those who want to relish the unique pleasure of motorcycle riding with a guarantee of safety and security for themselves and others.  



It clings to us, or rather, to our skin. And is the essence of each one of our creations. More than just a label, our brand name is a real tribute to speed, action, dynamism, rapidity, progress and modernity. The leading principles for those who look ahead and live their lives as protagonists.  



In 1977 we officially entered the world of races and have never stopped racing since. To compete with the most experienced international brands, but, above all, to derive information and data essential to continually improve and develop our range. Product by product. Race by race. Victory by victory.  



The track, on one hand, and our internal workshop, on the other hand, combined with data provided by international university research institutes has given us a true technological antenna able to anticipate future needs, enabling our company to remain on the cutting edge of the industry. This is the invaluable margin that has allowed us to introduce elements like revolutionary back protectors and original air-bags to wear together with protectors, all of which are becoming more and more effective, lightweight and comfortable.  



SPIDIDENIM has been designed as a "no-season" collection, a true evergreen product that provides a metropolitan declination of the inestimable heritage of knowledge and technology SPIDI has acquired in the years of motorcycle racing on tracks all over the world. Sophisticated in the materials and refined in the details without resulting extreme or overly technical, the SPIDIDENIM collection stands out by combining protection, comfort and security in a modern, contemporary denim product. Hydrorepellent and oil repellent treatment (“NanoSphere” of Schoeller® Technologies), to confront bad weather and road conditions in style. Direct from the track come Spidi-branded retro-reflecting highlighters that are discreetly applied to the internal hem. It is enough to roll up the cuff at night and the wearer becomes visible by oncoming traffic. Strategic double stitching to prevent tearing, oversize zip tab, easily utilized even with gloves on. Front pockets are oversized and lined with fine high tech fabric, designed to comfortably hold a smart phone while back pockets are equipped with an internal fold to secure the wallet from loss and theft. The fifth or “watch pocket” is roomy and contents are protected by an external safety fold. All our jeans are equipped with a detachable carabiner key ring encased in the same kangaroo leather as our back label. The fits are slim and regular, while colors are:  Blue Denim, Blue Dark Used, Blue Medium Used, Blue Vintage 3D, Black Denim, Black Vintage 3D,and Black Leather.

Technical note: we adopted the Martindale method to test the resistance of the fabrics used in the SPIDIDENIM collection, subjecting a sampling of products to preset cycles of friction with abrasive glass-paper. Here are the results:

- Denim (denim fabric): less than 70 cycles

- Cordura (Knee reinforcement Mod. Qualifier): more than 800 cycles

- Leather + Keramide (Knee reinforcement Mod. Racer): more than 1.200 cycles

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